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Don't get stuck - get help

Why won't your car start?

Are you stuck in the frustrating position of having a car that simply won't start? When you turn the key does it try and try but never catch? Or does nothing happen at all?


Stop trying to diagnose it for yourself and call the experts in. We can come straight to you to determine if it's something simple and you just need a jump or fuel, or if we need to tow it back to use our state of the art diagnostic equipment.


When you work with Conlon Bros Inc. you get FREE estimates, affordable prices, and mechanics who are eager to solve your vehicle's problem.

Great service, great attitude - great price

Is there anything worse than being stuck by the side of the road and not knowing who to call? Thankfully, you'll never be in that position again. Just call Conlon Bros Inc. for 24-hour emergency towing. You'll be in good hands. No matter where you are in the North Massapequa area, we'll be on our way in no time.

Need a jump? No problem!

Everyone's left their lights on a time or two. You don't need a major fix - you just need a jump start. Give us a call and we'll hurry to you with the juice you need. You'll appreciate our affordable and reasonable prices.

Light and medium towing

If your semi-truck gets stuck in a ditch, then you may need to call in the big boys, but we can handle small and medium cars and trucks. Not sure if yours fits the bill? Just give us a call and we'll be happy to let you know.

Emergency needs from wreck recovery to fuel delivery

Whether you've totaled your car and need it towed from the scene, or you let your gauge get a little too far below E, we can help. Our trained, professional, and friendly drivers can come to you with the fuel you need, or to cart your car or truck away.

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